About Us

The Team

The Split team brings nearly 40 years of experience in spirits marketing, web and mobile design, visual effects, interactive media and social networking.

By combining our experience with our passion for wines - from the land where it grows, the people who make it, and the juice in the bottle - we offer clients integrated strategies fueled by our deep respect and appreciation of the world of wine and the unique marketing opportunities and challenges that wineries and winemakers face.

Split Style

We take a holistic approach to digital planning, content development and social media by working in unison with our clients, the winemakers, tasting room staff, distributor and your wine club members to understand the business from grape to glass.

As a small shop, we're flexible, agile and able to avoid common agency roadblocks, generating faster turnaround times than other firms. This allows us to offer first-rate solutions for every budget to define and implement an effective, sales-driving strategy.

Split Scoop

Split Inc creatively integrates brand aspirations with budget realities, which means that however big or small your marketing dreams (and budget) are, there's a Split solution for you. We work with every budget and projects of every scope and scale. We're hired by boutique wineries, global brands, family-owned vineyards, ad agencies, PR firms and local vintners.

Split Solution

We believe every winery, big or boutique, should have a compelling, well looked-after digital brand presence. Whether you only want a 90-second video interview with your winemaker or a full media package, there's an affordable option that will help you effectively build your brand and build sales, without breaking the bank.

We understand that your passion and expertise lies in the vineyards and the soil, the grapes and the making of exemplary wines. You have incredible stories to tell and unique wines you want to sell. We'll translate your passion and product quality to engaging user experiences that inspire consumers and drive sales.