Reynolds Family Winery

How do you create an entertaining and educational video about a boutique winery on the Silverado Trail without making it looking like you’re telling the story of any other top wine producer in the Napa Valley? The Split team came to Reynolds with an answer: the winemaker himself. Within minutes of meeting Steve, it’s clear that he is the driving force and passion behind Reynolds Family Winery and it is not only the winemaking but his various quirky interests (tequila drinking, antique truck collecting, to name a few) that really bring some personality to the brand.

Split developed a serious of short films for the winery that merged the story of both the winemaking and winery experience with the diverse interests of the man behind the brand. The result was both educational and irreverent and helped to bring the Reynolds brand to life in a way that traditional wine film producers have not.

Video: Steve's Limo

Video: Visiting Reynolds Family Winery

Reynolds Family Winery
Larkmead Vineyards

Larkmead has the unique distinction of being one of the best Napa vineyards no one’s ever heard of. With vineyards dating back to the late 1800s, Larkmead is one of the oldest wineries in the Napa Valley. The problem? Nobody knew. With a recently-opened tasting room pouring critically-acclaimed Estate wines, Larkmead tasked Split to build awareness and share the winery story with a new generation of sophisticated wine drinkers.

Split created several vignettes that focused on the rich history of the vineyards and the people who helped create Larkmead’s reputation of quality. Now casual web browsers and wine club members alike have the opportunity to explore the dynamic legacy and ongoing quality that defines Larkmead Winery.

Video: A Famous Vineyard Rediscoverd

Video: Visiting Larkmead

Video: Evaluating Reviews

Larkmead Vineyards
Threshold Wine Company

The tech-savvy founders of Threshold Wine Company, a boutique wine importer, knew that it would take more than great-tasting, well-balanced and reasonably-priced South American wine to stand out and succeed in an increasingly crowded wine market. That’s why they asked Split to create a modern and engaging online presence to move the wine from Mendoza to the US market. Utilizing a combined strategy that integrated social media, easy-to-use CMS and old-world imagery, Split created a website that brought the grass-roots, hand-picked personality of the brand life while keeping within a tight budget and still allowing room to grow.

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Threshold Wine Company

Chambord Liqueur

When Brown-Forman's marketing agency was tasked to execute a ten-market bartender education campaign to revamp Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur's dated and dusty image, they came to Split to bring all of the program elements to life. From the humble provisions of a single bottle shot and logo, we developed intriguing and functional brand collateral around the concepts of luxury and inspiration - key education themes for the "Chambord Sessions". Collateral included a microsite with brand story, history and interactive "flavor wheel" as well as a cocktail guide/recipe book for the bartenders.

Although the Sessions were a nationwide, ten-market effort, we created materials that made each session feel personable and intimate, i.e. branding each city's unique skyline with the Chambord crown. In addition to the collateral, the Split team filmed every Chambord Session and created a 15- and 5-minute stylized summary video that mirrored the luxurious tone of the program.

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Video: Interactive Flavor Wheel