Why Rich Media?

Your wine, people and your property are your biggest asset. Interactive video enables your brand to connect with wine lovers and foodies worldwide, forging a personal connection with your audience in a way that traditional media cannot. Here are the steps:

Take your Customer

Spill your story, show off your caves, put your winemaker in the spotlight, and share educational entertainment using the latest video production tools. Split's studio is equipped with advanced technology and a full time crew of industry pros who've worked with the likes of MTV, Discovery Channel, Electronic Arts and handful of indie filmmakers.

Forge a Personal

Whether you are looking to share the history and distinct personality of your property, showcase your latest release, or feature the latest wine club event, our team will work with you to script, direct and produce a series of high quality vignettes.

During post-production we'll develop a distribution strategy and creative pathway to optimize and monetize the content produced. Sharing videos via social media enriches the conversation between you and your community, and provides tools for your current network to pass along to their friends, increasing your audience reach and community. Our extensive networks, representing many fortune 500 companies, can be combined to pitch your content to the right affiliate partner.