Who is your core consumer?

What types of social media are you currently using?

How often are you posting?

What is the demographic makeup of your existing twitter followers and facebook fans?

What do you hope to achieve through SM?

How will you measure success?

Website are the hub of your digital communications

Social Media

The wine world is buzzing about Social Media marketing, as well it should. As the wine consumer demographic shifts to a new, younger generation - the Millenials - it is important to begin reaching out to these avid social media users - not to mention the Gen Xers and Baby Boomers who feel equally comfortable checking Facebook updates on their iPhones.

Well, showing up to the party is not enough anymore - in fact having a trickling or poorly managed social media persence can do more harm than good. Split will evaluate your opportunities across all SM channels. We offer solutions from completely hands-off consulting to 100% managed packages.

You're on Facebook and
Twitter, now what?

So many wineries understand the importance and value of an ongoing and engaging social media presence, but aren't sure how to effectively and consistently implement this communication. That's where Split comes in.

A solid social media plan should invovle the following:

  • Consistent look across all channels
  • A voice - a winemaker, a family member,
    your CMO
  • Tools to measure your campaign
  • Sales tracking, including sell-in,
    velocity and margin
  • Cost per acquisition, cost per
    activity and CPM
  • Media impressions and awareness