Rich Media

Unlike text and images on websites, video is time-based which forces a narrative. The human brain is wired to better understand and remember information when it is presented in story form. The rich media we produce for you starts on your website but quickly spreads out across the internet for discovery on video sharing sites.

CMS and eCommerce

A clean and intuitive CMS lets you update your site on your terms without waiting for a developer. Create a product look before you launch your ecommerce website. Launch an online store that's easy to update and simple to browse.

Your Website

Marketing is all of those communication and promotional activities that lead customers to a sale. Launch a clean, precise website design that reflects your brand and connects you with your target audience. We partner with you to build a brand that inspires, engages and motivates your market.

Social Media Networks

Millennials are the fastest-growing segment of wine drinkers. Facebook is the 3rd ranking site visited by users 65 and older. Effective social media communication will allow you to engage with an exponential amount of customers.

Mobile Magic

Deliver a robust mobile experience featuring key interactive elements. Now is the best time to offer visitors a mobile site that's user friendly, efficiently designed and engaging.

Website are the hub of your digital communications

Digital Design

We use creative web development to make your site look fantastic and ensure your customers' quick and easy navigation. All designs we undertake are custom, and we always give you easy to follow advice that's designed to maximize your investment.

Many wineries try to do too much on their websites and end up overwhelming the end user. We have extensive user-centric experience (UX) and can help identify your unique strengths so you'll put your best foot forward, guiding your customers to predetermined goals.

Our design process is an ongoing interaction between Split and our client, turning a sometimes overwhelming and intimidating process into a fun and creative experience . Once we've established clear project goals, we deliver a minimum of three initial website designs for you to choose from. Our fees are based off a mutually-determined scope of work with no billing surprises.

CMS and eCommerce

Having visitors pop by your site to see your latest winemaker video (which we can produce, hint, hint) won't do your bottom line any good if commerce doesn't fit into the picture. We deploy shopping cart / gateway software that is easy to understand with the fewest number of clicks to finish an order.

If your winery is already heavily invested in an existing winery management infrastructure, we can work with your provider to fine tune your existing investment. It's a snap for you and your staff to make updates using Split's Content Management System. Our philosophy is to give you as many tools as possible to make your digital presence a living, breathing extension of your passion.

Split also offers competitive Direct Marketing packages for email and traditional mail, providing your contacts, Wine Club members and professional partners up-to-the-minute information via newsletters, one-off announcements or promotions.